Monday, December 1, 2014

It's December! Wahh??

Hey! Omgsh! Can you believe that it is December already?? Well it is, and i have an announcement. I will be blogging everyday until christmas, so go to my youtube channel and watch. I think this should be super exciting to be recording my life everyday. I really hope you guys enjoy it and also will still be posting photographs and outfits on here

Youtube Channel:

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

First Fashtographi Daily

My first blog from Sunday, i had some complications uploading and bearly was able to upload the video, i hope you enjoy for whoever is watching this.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sweet packages

Alright, so a week or so ago i saw a post from i believe was about a company that makes a ton of different bras according to different women's body. I needed to buy new bras so i decided to give it a try and the first thing you do when you enter the website is to take a questionnaire  on how bras fit you and your size and stuff and they match bras according to what best suits you. Then I noticed that you there is a program where you can pick out 4 or 5 bras i believe and try them on at home without a commitment if you want to keep them or just one or two or whatever you can. I finally received mine today and i was excited to try it out.

okay so i will give you my personal review on each of the bras that I picked out. Starting at 1 from the top to bottom. 
1. This personally was not my favorite, i think it is meant for like people with smaller boobs, I also don't think i would ever wear something like this, i just wanted to try completely different styles. 
2-3. I am going to combine both 2 and 3 because they are kinda the same, i loved these, they were my complete favorite. They fit perfect and the band was thick and felt the support on my back.
4. I actually was surprised that i liked this one. I thought it wasn't going to support or anything and it did, so i'm real happy about this. 
alright so if you struggle to find the perfect bra and wish there was something there for you go ahead and try them out because they are amazing! Have an awesome weekend and i'm out, peace.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Latest News On My Life

Before starting with everything else. I first want to talk about the stairs on the top image. I absolutely love the stairs from the top just because they spiral down and it looks awesome! I took this photo at the orpheum theatre here in phoenix, AZ. Okay so moving on from that, I just finished another set of classes and am actually going to start again tomorrow. Also i am excited because my next post will be a video. so hopefully you guys are having an awesome day and also a good fall break since i know a lot of people are on fall break so enjoy that and be expecting my next post! Yay!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Every girl loves shoes...

Okay, so yesterday, my parents bought me my first pair of dr. Martens. I am so excited because i have wanted a pair of these for like 5 years now. I first saw my cousin with them and i just never even mentioned it. Yesterday i went to the mall with my parents and my dad was buying everyone shoes. So i saw these and they were the ones. They are comfortable and i love how it looks with everything. I will start to post again, but this quarter has literally taken all of my life. But these babies will be a sure thing in a few of my upcoming posts

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Halfway Through summer!

Yay! I could not be any more happier to be almost done with summer! I would like to apologize for not blogging as much as I should, but I wanted to mention that I have been doing things on my summer list. This was not on my list but I finally have managed to organize my first photoshoot where I have a model clothes I picked out and a makeup artist and here are some photos from my photoshoot. All of the clothes are from H&M which is one of my most absolute favorite stores. Have a wonderful amazing day! 

Leave me comments tell me what you think, good or bad!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer List!

I don't particularly like summer, the sun or the heat. I am definitely a girl that loves the cold, which is ironic because I live in AZ where it is an oven. This summer I am going to try and do productive things. I am not very good at doing the things on the lists I make, but this summer feels different. So here it is a list of summer things I am going to attempt, that are inspired by the hello giggles list.
  1. Spend a day at the beach
  2. Go to the park
  3. Have a picnic
  4. Watch a sunset or sunrise
  5. Go camping
  6. See a small outdoor concert
  7. Go to the drive in movies
  8. Have a backyard movie night
  9. Roadtrip
  10. Become a book worm
  11. Try new coffee shops
  12. Eat watermelon
  13. Start a succulent garden
  14. Hang out on a Hammock
  15. Make a summer documentary
  16. Take a morning bike ride
  17. Branch out your friend circle
  18. Do Volunteer Work
  19. Make a scrapbook
  20. Make a summer playlist
  21. Use polaroid camera
  22. Wiggle toes in grass/sand
  23. Swim in a lake
  24. Perfect my summer style
  25. Wear awesome hats
  26. Light sparklers in night with friends
  27. Be a tourist in my city
  28. Create an epic scavenger hunt
  29. Cloud watch
  30. Try New Hairstyles
  31. Go on an early morning hike