Monday, August 10, 2015

Nice Weather and Homework

For many school is has nearly began, but I sit here 5 weeks into my classes. With only one year left of school, my stomach turns when I think about graduation coming up so quickly. I still have so much to do with homework and all, but I can't always focus when I am sitting at home. Which I think is like many out there who spend a whole day at a coffee shop getting their work done. There is something about being somewhere other than at home that makes you work. I don't always want to be in a coffee shop, especially on a cloudy day and I think that simply sitting outside can make a difference. I am enjoying my chai tea from Starbucks (which I put in my mason jar) and bagel outside this morning working pretty hard. For anyone that is finding it hard to do work perhaps consider this option. Have an amazing year and embrace the time you have in school!

Also, I got an early christmas, birthday, and graduation present about a week ago and I would like to introduce to y'all my baby, venture. 
I will definitely be taking adventures in this car (hence the name) and will be giving it a proper photoshoot to post a whole post on him. 

Also to add to this very long post already.... haha
I made a video with my cousin and lets just say the embarrassing unexpected happened.....

Yes I did pee..... It happens okay. Lets all move on....

One more thing before I go! 

Bye...... lol

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Empty Lots

My Summer Vacation quickly ended and back to school I go tomorrow. I have grown so much and have accomplished the beginning of my graduation journey. I officially have one year left and I absolutely know that it will pass by soon. I have so many decisions to make and although very scared I am also very excited for the journey I am to embark on. For now I plan on spending my days in  flow skirts that allow me to be fresh through out the day. I want to give a special thanks to the girl who took these photos and will put her instagram link for ya'll to give her some love. For now enjoy a video of my friends and I having a saterday summer bbq.

As Always follow me on instagram and snapchat and tumblr and all that jazz.

Special lady's instagram:

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Spontaneous Roadtrips

For the fourth of July me and a couple of friends decided the night prior to head for two days up to Sedona. Although I think that it is very unlike us to be doing something like this nontheless it's never too late to do it right? Here is a video on our trip and some of the photographs. I most definitely will be doing this a lot more and will be making more videos.

I also have decided to post more of my work on instagram, go check it out and give it some love and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Photoshoots For Days

Hello Internet world! I am completely aware that my blog has officially grew spider webs. I have been extremely busy working on my portfolio for school, and haven't had time to do anything other than this. I am constantly doing photoshoots and have been extremely tired. This has probably been one of my most stressful quarters in my entire life of going to school. The images above are from a shoot I assisted Mark Morgan on. I absolutely love these shots though. I hardly put my work out there but, i have put some of my images on my Instagram so you can go check that out. I am in kinda a weird place right now with my photography and have to do some major contemplation on it which is one of my major reasons for not posting much of my work. But I will finish my last 2 classes and finally be in vacation. I also have an exciting video, at least exciting for me. Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Drum Roll Please...

because I have a little announcement.. I have been collaborating with Beauty and the Suit and have been taking styling photographs for their blog. They have also been doing the styling for my portfolio photographs, which will be featured on their blog except for the one that I am having on my portfolio. So go check them out because they are seriously delivering all the fashion tips that I need! Although this is a short post, I just wanted to mention this amazing opportunity to collaborate with them.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Photoshop Edit

 On my youtube channel, I made a video on my new years resolutions for 2015 if you would like to check them out, click here. Some of them regarding my photography. I have been keeping up with some of them so far and others are on hold for now. I have been doing research non-stop and tried some new editing methods on some old photographs. The original is to the left and the edited one is to the right.

I took an old photograph from a fashion shoot project and tested out a editing method. This one is made in photoshop and is more for portraits and giving them a nice unique look to them. I especially liked this video because she told you the tools to use, but you are left to experiment and learn on your own in a way. Check her video out! Shay(model) also has a blog and you should definitely check her out as well, here!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Skipped Spring, Summer is Here

Yup, it's exactly like the titles says.. We have skipped spring and gone right to summer. You would think that because it's Arizona and I have lived here my entire life I might have gotten used to it, but your wrong.. Oh so very wrong. I refuse to let the summer drag me down, I will be very much living my life still. I will be doing so with dresses I thrift like this one, it actually might be a costume or something, but I like it. It's very lose and comfortable and it's perfect for the summer. I also really like anything maroon. I obviously have to wear sunglasses, otherwise i'd probably go blind... jk, but no seriously. I recently purchased these at urban outfitters, and I am in love with them, round frames don't usually fit my face, but these did so I had to get them. I've had these boots for ages and should buy some new ones soon, but I wear things until they are no longer useful. The boots and the hat are from H&M, and all I have to say about the hat is.. Hats are Life!

Also, apologies for practically being MIA, I've been working on photo shoots like crazy. I'm not complaining, because if you watched my video on new years resolutions I mentioned i'd be doing more. Also I have been traveling a lot, and I plan on doing some more this year, so apologies in advance for being MIA, but i will be putting together a video on my trips. Enjoy your Winter, Spring, Summer or whatever you are having right now.