Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I have completely abandoned my beloved blog, but am trying to get back at it. I am finally in spring break and will hopefully have some time to photograph and post outfits and just random journal posts. But for now I would like to inform you all that I finally have got a model who is now my beloved friend. He is an amazing model, I could have not asked for a more amazing model here are some of the photographs taken.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Excited For Tomorrow!!!!

So I actually had the privilege of shooting one of my best friends for her portfolio and this actually became a happy accident. Now I get to have my first photo shoot with an actual model and I couldn't be more excited and nervous! I know it is going to be great and I can not wait to post my photographs to show you guys!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wonderful Saterday!

Today was such a good saterday! I spent my day with a very good friend downtown eating yogurt and catching up. He captured these awesome photographs of me. So I am wearing a very awesome comfy dress I got for 10 dollars at dillards. A cardigan from target, h&m boots, forever 21 belt and thrifted dooney and bourke bag. Have a lovely rest of the weekend! 

Friday, January 17, 2014


I have progressed  in this whole me interning for Mark. He has pushed me into actually taking photographs. I know I still have so much to learn from him! I had my very close trusting friend be in front of the camera. He's a designer whom I trust his judgement very much. We will be working on photo shoots together. He will be helping me out with choosing wardrobe as I am going to have my first fashion shoot next month! So don't forget to be stay tuned to see how that turns out. As for right now, TGIF! Have a safe long weekend and make it count. Have a wonderful day!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy First Blog of the Year

My first post of 2014! It seems that this year everyone has made such a big deal out of. Perhaps it is just that I am 18 and have friends around the same age who have their whole lives ahead of them. Either way I know that it is going to be an awesome year! I am wearing two of the things that I got for christmas today. One of them was this beautiful dress I got from my mother that I had wanted for the longest time from Modcloth. Second I am wearing the watch my father gave me from JcPenny. I love how thick it is from the band. I would love to hear some of the things that you got for christmas.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


This year was my first year blogging, and it actually been to long. But I enjoy sharing thoughts, projects, my style, and bits of my life.

Time for all of us to start getting ready, whether it is for party or a new years service. This year has brought me the beginning of my life. It has given me amazing opportunitites. Hopefully it has brought you the same. But I only want to remember this year for the good it has brought me and fixate on what 2014 has to bring me. For many the new year brings new hope, the opportunity to start something new or be someone new. Not everyone has had the same good year others have. Know that if you are one of those people that it's a new beginning and this past year no longer matters. This is for everyone, just like tomorrow will be a new year everyday is a new beginning. Be safe and have an amazing new years. Happy New Years.


Monday, December 23, 2013

Tale of Christmas Procrastination

It is almost christmas! I for one could not be happier, the holidays always make me so happy. Something about myself, I love to wrap presents. I also love procrastinating just as much though. I have waited two days before christmas to do all of my shopping and wrap presents. It's okay as long as I get it done. I really truly hope that everyone has an amazing christmas! Do something nice for someone who might not get a christmas. Even if it is just a smile and a merry christmas. Have a lovely last minute shopping day.